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About Us

From scams, cons and quackery to superstition, blind faith and self-delusion, many New Zealanders have been duped into buying products that don't work (and could never work), and following beliefs that make no sense.

We are a small group of likeminded friends who have been confronted with some of these bogus claims and are left wondering why people fall prey to them. All of us are committed skeptics and outspoken atheists, and while we may recommend certain skeptic or atheist groups, in NZ and overseas, we don't represent or speak for any group.

The 'Silly Beliefs' Team:   John L. Ateo,   Rachel T.,   Jason C.,   Gordon S.

We have also been annoyed and disappointed when our friends, family and acquaintances have been sucked into some wacky scheme or belief, often resulting in a negative affect on their health, personal relationships and/or finances. Not to mention their grasp on reality, of how the Universe really works.

Some may not have the background, knowledge or time to investigate the validity of the claims. Others may simply be too trusting, too credulous and/or lack the ability to think critically, especially since being 'skeptical' is often considered a very negative trait these days.

This website is an attempt to turn the tide. To stop the 'dumbing down of society', the turning away from science and the return to the beliefs of medieval peasants. Each of us has favourite topics that we feel strongly about and will attempt to debunk those making bogus claims. We will be presenting the side of the argument that scammers, con-artists and self-deluded do-gooders don't want you to hear.

While there are many who will confidently (and correctly) exclaim "That product is just a scam" or "That belief is just a myth", few can explain why. On this site we will attempt to explain why certain claims are bogus and why certain individuals should be avoided at all costs. You must not give them any money or entrust your health and wellbeing to them.

No doubt some of these people sincerely believe in their powers and/or mythical beings etc, in the same way that very young children sincerely believe in Santa Claus. However believing in Santa Claus does not make him real. Whether a scam is the result of self-delusion or outright fraud, either way you have been tricked into believing something that isn't true.

When people say they believe in astrology or homeopathy or rave about mediums that proclaim, "I See Dead People", you should reply with, "I See Dumb People". When others say they talk to God or Allah or Jesus, you should ask why there is no good evidence that they ever talk back.

You'll notice that John's name appears on most essays. This is because John has been chosen to write the essays in their final form, both his own and draft essays or ideas from the rest of us, and format them into web pages. Most essays are a collaborative affair. We are not out to build individual reputations as writers, but to expose scams and delusions.

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Last Updated Jun 2007