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If you wish to comment on something specific on this website, you'll find a 'Readers' Comments' section near the bottom of each article. Simply click on 'Add a Comment' on that page to send us an email. Each Blog posting also has its own 'Add a Comment' link. If you wish to send a more general email, then click here. Commenting on this website is via email, so there will be a delay between making a comment and seeing it appear. 'Unsigned' posts will be marked 'Anonymous'. Your email address will not be disclosed, nor will your surname if provided. If you wish your full name published, or a link to your website, simply request this in your email.

We welcome comments, constructive criticism, suggestions, notification of errors, expired links etc. Unlike many other internet forums, we do not require you to register or join our club before you are allowed to comment. We realise that this restriction simply insulates forums from negative views, since many refuse to bother joining a group they disagree with just to disagree with it.

If rational debate is beyond you, then by all means send irrational rants and abusive comments if you must, since even threats and insults provide valuable feedback.

All spam or emails that look like spam will be deleted without reading, so it pays to leave the automatically generated subject line, usually the article or blog topic, as is.


While all due care has been taken to present factual information, we accept no responsibility for errors that may be present on this site. If notified of errors of fact we will happily rectify these mistakes.

We also accept no liability if the business interests or reputations of the people featured on this site suffer due to revelations their clients and potential clients may gain from reading material on this site.

All of us are committed skeptics and outspoken atheists, and while we may recommend certain skeptic or atheist groups, in NZ and overseas, we don't represent or speak for any group.

Contact us here. Our email address is: john(at)sillybeliefs.com

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Support Science Not Superstition


Last Updated Sep 2008