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Scams and Delusions Exposed!


We seek to examine and expose dubious claims, especially those made in New Zealand.
Those that promote bogus beliefs, products or services, whether for profit or otherwise.
Silly beliefs involving pseudoscience, the supernatural and the paranormal.
Or in layman terms, nonsense such as healing with magnets, Christianity, and psychics.

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When people say they believe in astrology or homeopathy or natural healing or rave about mediums that proclaim, "I See Dead People", you should reply with, "I See Dumb People". When others say they talk to Jehovah or Allah or Jesus, you should ask them why these beings don't reply. For these silly beliefs and numerous others such as alien abductions, Bigfoot and healing crystals, we must learn to ask, 'Where is the evidence for this belief?'

We must apply critical thinking, reason, logic and science to the silly beliefs of the supernatural, the paranormal and pseudoscience. Blind faith in priests, natural therapists, New Age gurus or some smooth talking charlatan channelling aliens from another galaxy is foolhardy, making those who support these silly beliefs as superstitious, credulous and as ignorant as medieval peasants.

It's time to enter the 21st century and start thinking for yourself. Examine the evidence!

List of Articles

  The Science versus Spirituality Debate
Spirituality Two ways to understand our world?

Are science and spirituality two different but complementary ways of understanding how our universe works and how we can live better lives? Perhaps you feel that there's an unseen realm out there that science is ignoring?

So is spirituality helping science solve all the big questions, or has it done nothing but hinder and harm?

To find out,  Click Here

The barefoot way to amazing health?

As natural therapies go, is Earthing (or Grounding) the most important health discovery ever? Can simply walking barefoot outside elevate your 'quality of life to a level that seems not otherwise possible'?

Have modern humans, with our rubber-soled shoes and plastic chairs, insulated ourselves from 'the healing energies from the Earth', and is this isolation the cause of most, if not all, of our chronic diseases? Or is it all a scam?

To find out why it's a scam,  Click Here

  Bible in Schools
Bible in Schools What's the problem?

Young children being read Bible stories, and being assured that they're true. You might think that this only happens in churches, on Sunday, but it could be happening in your local school. When you think your kids are learning real facts and useful information, they could be turning into children for Jesus.

The Christians grooming your kids insist that they're teaching them values, but do you really want them learning their morals from a god that raped a virgin and then had his own son murdered?

To find out more about those preying on children,  Click Here

Nudity or violence?  
Which is worse?

What causes more harm in society, weapons or naked bodies, boxing matches or nude beaches? What shocks people more if seen on TV, someone being beaten and shot, or someone walking into the room naked? Actually the matter has already been decided for you.

So is it right that our screens are awash with disturbing scenes of graphic violence, acts that are illegal in real life, while the depiction of innocent nudity and loving sex, which is perfectly natural, normal and legal in real life, is ... censored? Are we becoming a society of violence-loving prudes?

To find out if you're part of the problem,  Click Here

Nudity or violence
Chemtrails Death from above?

Have you ever looked up and spied a chemtrail? Is our government deliberately poisoning us with apparently innocuous fluffy clouds? Did chemtrails in conjunction with the HAARP weapon cause the devastating Christchurch earthquakes? Are chemtrails created by aliens bent on our extinction? Or are they created by the secret Illuminati organisation seeking a new world order?

Are chemtrails real, and a real threat, or are they a creation of a paranoid mind? To find out,  Click Here

Is your religion a cult?  
Does the leader of your religion think he is God?

Does your religious leader claim to talk with God? Do you talk to God? Does he reply? Do you believe any of the claims that your religion makes are false? Does your religion believe it is in fact the one true path to God? Is your religious leader authoritarian and charismatic? Does he, like the Pope, believe everything he says is true and comes from God? Does your religion try and tell others what morals they should live by? Do you avoid associating with non-believers?

Could you be trapped in a cult and not even realise it?

To find out the answer,  Click Here

  UFOs and Aliens
Abducted UFOCUS NZ and Alien Abduction

Have you ever seen a UFO? What about an alien? And what are these aliens actually doing when they visit Earth? Are they really abducting people from their beds, mutilating cattle and maybe even conspiring with our governments? Are extraterrestrials really trying to breed human-alien hybrids?

Should we consult UFO support group UFOCUS NZ for answers to these questions? Should we be worried about what aliens are up to or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Sex, women and the Catholic Church  
The evil plan of popes, priests and nuns

Why do Catholics ask the Pope, an elderly virgin in a frock and silly hat, about sex? Why do they look to priests and nuns, familiar only with relationships that their God considers an abomination, to counsel them on marriage, relationships and even how they should perform sex?

Do devout Catholics understand why it is a lesser sin to rape a woman than to masturbate? Or why it is OK to condemn a woman to death rather than permit her to use contraception? Do Catholic women understand why they are inferior to men, filthy and untrustworthy? Do Christians know that their church sold innocent women into slavery solely to prevent the chance that their priests might want to have sex with them?

To learn more about monsters in our midst,  Click Here

  Respect my Religion!
Religion Keeping religion isolated from criticism

When you attempt to debate or criticise some religious claim, many believers these days will ask you to desist, demanding that you 'Respect their religion'.

Is this a legitimate and fair request or is it just a scam, a smokescreen to keep the flaws of their religion hidden?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Sensing Murder  
Psychic Detectives

Can actor Rebecca Gibney and her team of psychics provide new leads on unsolved real-life murder cases? Is there a connection with the 'spirit world' or is it all a scam?

Has die-hard skeptic Nigel Latta really monitored the filming of a 'Sensing Murder' episode and failed to detect any trickery, or is it all a scam?
And then we have NZ Police Detective Ross Levy inviting the psychics to help him out. Has he also been scammed?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Sensing Murder
  Ian Wishart
Wishart Christian Fundamentalist

Ian Wishart says we should believe every word in the Bible. That Adam and Eve — the first humans — were created by God, that Noah really built his Ark, and that Jesus rose from the dead.

Can Ian really provide good evidence that the Bible is true, and that atheists are evil killers, or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Jeanette Wilson  
Psychic Medium

Can Jeanette Wilson see and hear your dead Granny? Can she pass on messages from 'the other side'? Or is what she does nothing more than a trick designed to take advantage of the gullible, the desperate and the lonely?

Can Jeanette really see dead people or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Jeanette Wilson
Agnostic Sanctimonious Fence Sitters

Do agnostics speak the truth when they say they have no opinion on God, or are they just hiding their real views? Do they do this so as not to offend either believers or non-believers? Is it a valid stance, wedged between believers and atheists, or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Ken Ring  
Weather Forecasting by the Moon

Can Ken Ring really predict the weather 20 years ahead merely by observing the Moon? Should you be wasting money on his 'Weather Almanac'? Can he predict earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions based on his astrological theory, and should you pay him to forecast the weather on your wedding day?

Is his theory scientific or is it all a scam? What's our opinion?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Ken Ring
  Magnetic Therapy
Magnet Healing with Magnets

Does sleeping on a magnetic underlay or drinking magnetised water have health benefits? Do magnets reduce pain or merely the contents of your wallet? Is Magnetic Therapy a medical wonder, discovered by the ancients, or is it just a scam, a waste of money?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

The Shroud of Turin  
Burial cloth of Jesus or cheap fake?

Is the Shroud of Turin really the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? Did he leave it behind when he took out his communicator and said, "Beam me up Dad"? Did the transporter energy imprint his body image onto the cloth? Or like hundreds of others, is it just a medieval religious fake, designed to fool the gullible and superstitious followers of a long dead carpenter?

Can Father Laisney really discredit the 1988 carbon-dating of the Shroud of Turin and provide new evidence, or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

  Cellular Memory
Stedman Transplanting Memories

Does 'cellular memory' cause organ transplant recipients to receive the memories, sexual preferences, personality traits etc of the organ donor? Is there even such a thing as 'cellular memory' or is it all a scam by film company 'Natural History New Zealand'?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Ian Harris  
'Honest to God' Atheist

Has "Honest to God" columnist Ian Harris found a new way to describe how we can all live our lives without religion? Has he devised a legitimate way that God-fearing Christians can reject God and Christ and yet still be Christians, or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Ian Harris
McLeod Malcolm McLeod — The Handwriting Guy

Do hidden signs in your handwriting reveal the "real" you? Can a graphologist such as Malcolm McLeod interpret these signs? Can you alter the style of your signature to improve your destiny or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

Ascent out of Darkness

The 'Silly Beliefs' blog. This is a forum where we can make occasional comments on the many silly beliefs that we come across, often from the media. Comments, criticisms and debate are welcome.

To read it,  Click Here

  Coley Ellison
Ellison Natural Healer

Does Coley really have the power to heal people of almost any disease? Can he heal people anywhere in the world using telepathy or is it all a scam?

It's a SCAM. To read why,  Click Here

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